$5 or more -  Poster

of The Lotus Sound logo

$10 or more - Shopping bag

(you choose the color!)

$25 or more - Mug

$30 or more - T-shirt 

$50 or more - Hard copy of the EP and one of the items above (pick one!)

$100 or more - Small handmade reproduction

of the logo painting 

$200 or more - Special handmade artwork under request

(choose between a pic portrait inspired by the lotus, a black and white version of it.. get creative!)

$250 or more - Painting of the logo and the copy of

the EP

$500 or more - House concert (if you are

in the Boston area. If not, we are down to make it happen,

if you're down to

help us reach you!)

Debut EP coming out soon! 

Here is our crowd funding campaign to make it happen! 

Imagine a "little girl" that has a dream: to spread a message of encouragement and empowerment and unity

through music. 

Then imagine she shares her vision with some amazing humans and musicians and all together decide

to start building on that dream. 

Now imagine that they are passionate about a very special kind of music, called circle singing, where vocal improvisation is the language and freedom is the only rule. 

That's us!!!!

We have been dreaming and hoping and now we are

finally planning! ('cause what is a dream without becoming

a plan, right?!).

We are now a young group trying to get our footing,

but we've got lots of ideas and dreams we envision

that we can't wait to share with you. To do so,  

we are asking for support from our community

and from people who don’t know us yet but will love us

and share with us the joy of this new life chapter

of The Lotus Sound family!

We are grateful for every donation and we want

to award you for your help! This is why we already have

a plan to give back, with our exclusive personalized merchandising that has our logo on it, inspired by a painting that our Director made!

Boston, MA 02115

© 2019 by The Lotus Sound